The Lainey Maynard Cozy Mystery Series!

Join the lovable, coffee-spilling, female sleuth, Lainey Maynard, as she and her group of quirky cohorts get knee-deep into danger... and murder!
Lainey Maynard Series

cozy mystery series
The Family Tree Murders
Book 1

Lainey Maynard devotes her time to her job as a fraud investigator and her cat, Powie, to fill the void left by the death of her husband. Little did she know that a transfer from Houston to a small town in Minnesota and becoming friends with a group of widows would put her smack-dab in the middle of trouble...and murder.

When a DNA test reveals a new heir to the Sullivan Family dynasty and two brothers die unexpectedly, Lainey is suspicious and decides to take matters into her own hands. She doesn’t realize that spilled coffee, a handsome businessman, and family inheritances would soon bring deadly consequences her way.

Lainey will have to use her keen mind, her skills as a seasoned investigator, and an unlikely team of cohorts as she risks her own life to uncover the truth.

female sleuth series
Curtain Call at Brooksey's Playhouse
The Prequel

Murder brought Lainey Maynard to Mirror Falls. Her investigation begins to reveal deep, dark secrets and ruffle feathers around town. Drug smuggling and human trafficking aren’t popular topics of conversation.

Getting to know and trust new cohorts, including the local police captain, proves to be much more difficult and dangerous than she thought. And accusing beloved locals isn’t a way to endear oneself to a new community either.

Lainey’s keen wit and cunning intuition has served her well in the past. But her sassy mouth and stubbornness has gotten her into trouble, too. She will need every ounce of courage and wisdom she can muster. Is Mirror Falls ready for the changes that may be coming?

If you enjoy Cozy Murder Mysteries, Agatha Christie, Jana DeLeon, Lauren Elliott, and loveable armchair sleuths with a bit of romance and unexpected twists of fate, then you will love Lainey Maynard!

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Murder in the Backwater
Book 2