Curtain Call At Brooksey's Playhouse

The Lainey Maynard Mystery Series



In a small town…

…everyone has secrets.

What will they do to keep them?

Murder brought Lainey to Mirror Falls. Among the lakes and forests of northern Minnesota, where folks greet you with a smile, everything isn’t as quaint as it seems. The local police captain isn’t interested in her theories.

Who will she turn to?

Lainey’s secret weapon is her brain and wit, but it’s a double edge sword as her sassy mouth can get her in trouble. This time, though, it may be more than she can handle.

The more she digs, the uglier it gets. Could the beloved, charming, and impeccably dressed, retired bank president be involved?

Chinese smuggling, jade mining, laundered money, and a double cross, lie at the heart of this delightful cozy mystery. You’ll love every page, because Lainey is clever in all the right ways.