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Sustained Through Faith

"This is your only option....It's not a good option, but you will die if we don't transplant right now." All I could do was cry and pray "Dear God! What has happened? Save this man! He is my soul, my life!"

This is David's struggle with his faith, his health, his shattered dreams and his end of life choices. He was an inspiration to every nurse, doctor, surgeon, and lung transplant patient at the University of California San Francisco pulmonary family. His courage, determination, and selflessness will touch the very depths of your soul.

"Fun, light, quick moving and well written!"

What a pleasure it was to read this book!! I loved the main character, Lainey Maynard, with all her little oddities and quirks. This author has created a group of likable and fun loving people who just happen to get involved in a serious claim of murder and mayhem by some very devious relatives. DNA testing is involved. Who you are related to could get you killed. The method of these ugly murders is very sneaky and I would have never suspected it. The investigation and result make you want to read more! I have signed up for her newsletter and anxiously await more in this series!

Karla K Thompson